Why Content Marketing?

Why content marketing? The reason is because content marketing has been proven to have a multitude of benefits for your business in terms of increased traffic, brand awareness, and profitability. However, this doesn’t mean that you can just put anything you like into your content marketing campaign and expect it to bring you quick results.

The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as such: “Content marketing is a non traditional marketing technique in which companies create and distribute valuable, meaningful and consistent content to acquire and gain a clearly defined target audience with the goal of driving more profitable consumer action.” This may seem like a broad description, but content marketing encompasses so much more than just creating content. It is about understanding your consumers, knowing your marketplace, and then carefully designing a plan to deliver content that engages, educates, and entertains your audience. Content marketers are strategists, problem solvers, and problem solvers. They are constantly thinking about how to improve and grow their businesses, while their competitors are crumbling. 

So what does content marketing deliver for your business? First, it is the best form of advertising available today. The old form of advertising (where they used to advertise for free, or at the very least, for a low cost) simply didn’t work as well as it does today. Television commercials, radio ads, and print ads are becoming less effective due to the high cost of producing them and because consumers can quickly ignore or delete them. But content marketing still works. Content marketers often work with the consumer, explaining their product or service in a friendly way that will be appealing to almost any demographic. 

Second, this marketing strategy is highly targeted. Think about it – all of those people who’ve shown interest in your product or service have shown interest in your text content, too! If you’ve chosen your target audience carefully, your content marketing strategy is highly likely to be successful. Content marketing targets highly specific audiences. This means more opportunity for you to connect with your audience and build trust and rapport.

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Third, content marketing is an exciting form of “thought leadership.” When you provide valuable information, your audience trusts that you care about them and think about their needs. This makes them more likely to take action when they see your promotional blog posts or actionable readers may be interested in finding other homeowners in the area who might be interested in hiring you. 

Fourth, content marketing is the backbone of outbound marketing. Just like traditional web marketing, content marketing creates higher conversion rates through better targeting of customers. By using a variety of strategies, including content marketing, your web traffic will continue to grow at higher rates. The result?

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Finally, content marketing strategies can lead to greater brand awareness and greater online presence. Brand recognition is vital for success in today’s competitive marketplace. In addition to providing digital marketing tools that help your customers find you, your competitors are doing everything they can to capitalize on your positioning. Your goal is to be on the forefront of the digital marketing game and to establish your place in it. To establish your place in the market, content marketing will help you: increase your web site’s search engine optimization; build better customer relationships; position yourself as an expert in your industry; enhance your brand image and customer loyalty; and, increase your revenue and profits. More importantly, content marketing helps you create greater value for your customers. You offer them great content. They get more value out of your company. With this combination, you have a winning combination for a successful online business.





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