9 Weird Income Sources From Fiverr!!!

9 Weird Income Sources From Fiverr!!!

In the age of 2020, it is a matter of great relief and optimism that this generation’s mindset is not confined to stereotypically regular office jobs. Now young minds are very prone to be an Entrepreneur and being a flexible lifestyle. Online income sources are getting pretty much popular over the last several years. Many online platforms have created opportunities for earning money with a handsome figure. Fiverr is one of the biggest online marketplaces for freelancers. Fiverr provides varieties of job offers. Most familiar jobs are Content Writing, Graphic design, website development, WordPress, business card creation, social media marketing, data entry, management of accounts and finance, video editing, and so on. 

So after hearing this, what comes first in your mind ?? 

Did you get a little bit worried that to earn money from Fiverr, you need lots of IT skills or management skills? 

No, partially not. There are many exciting ways to make money from Fiverr without any particular skill but with your intellectual knowledge.  

In this blog, we will discuss the nine most weird ways of making money from Fiverr. 

Here they are

  1. Magic and Miracles. 
  2. Phone Handling 
  3. Rent a Friend 
  4. Mourn a stranger 
  5. Relationship Advising
  6. Tinder Profile management
  7. Creative Messaging 
  8. Sell your photography 
  9. Become a private tutor  

Magic and Miracles

Are you getting astonished ?? Yes, it’s true, there are many clients you will find who are pursuing a freelancer magician who can solve their life problem by casting spells. Now this one is getting highly demandable by people. There is a bunch of the client is there who are mainly asking for:

Nine Wired Freelancing Jobs
  • getting his/her ex back,
  • demanding good luck, and removing all evil eyes and black magic 
  • get the right life partner, money, and prosperity. 
  • Relief from any kind of health issue or mental issue. 

In Fiverr, there is a vast market demand for this kind of spell and wizardry job. Seller charges depend on their experience and skills. So if you think that you are capable of doing so, you can join this extremely uncommon but unusual marketplace through Fiverr. 

Phone Handling

If you are a cheerful person, smart, have a good sense of dealing with customers over voice calls, and have excellent communication skills with a standard level of fluency, you can earn a handsome amount of money from Fiverr. There are lots of opportunities in Fiverr. You have to work as a freelancer sales call audit on a timely basis, virtual assistant, handling calls from third parties, and meeting customer requests. Seller charges payment according to their experience. You can do this as a part-time or full-time job from your home. 

Rent a Friend

Now, you may be frowning, maybe you think that how could someone get a friend by money. But yes, in this lonely busy lifestyle we have all the things except friends. People now start to rent a friend online. People hired a friend for various purpose such as:

  • Hanging out 
  • Picnic
  • Going to the park, beach, family function or shopping 
  • Joining for Business events 
  • Traveling partner 
  •   Personal advice, and so on.

Your boss will decide what you need to do for him/her. They are likely to pay you to accompany them, learn new skills with them, or just be good friends so that they can vent out their sorrows or share new experiences with you. 

Rent a friend’s job is just a platform for being a friend; nothing else you may change your client’s charge on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis. Sometimes the payment method is entirely up to you or in Fiverr. It is mentioned earlier by the client. You can charge almost $20 to $50 per hour. 

Mourn a Stranger

Hiring people for mourning in funerals has been practiced in several countries like China, Japan, and the UK. It is a fantastic income opportunity from Fiverr or any other online work station. In that case, you have to do lots of studies for the deceased person’s behavior, and religion ethics.you have to cry for them. Yes, I know it is an extraordinary job, but it’s also true you can make money by doing so on an hourly basis. Nowadays, some entrepreneurs have been creating a business to provide mourners for the deceased family at the funeral. 

Relationship Advisor

Relationship therapy is a very lucrative job nowadays, but from the last 6/7 years, many relationship advisors have started providing their services online. If you have the proper knowledge and experience handling relationship-related issues, turmoils, guidelines, and also understand human psychology, you are welcome in this field. It’s widespread in relationships to go through a path of conflict, uncertainties, and stress. So they seek help from a counselor to find out the right decision. Now people are looking for online relationship advisors from remote areas. You can charge your service depending upon your experience, problem metrics, and time. If you are an expert at managing relationship-related stress, you can earn a standard amount of money from this sector. 

Online Dating Management

Online dating profiles bring people together. This platform is one of the fastest growing social startups. Using a person’s personal information and data and addressing all kinds of social and physical barriers helps form new relationships and friendships.statistics says almost 10/12 million clients are asking to find new people for making a relationship every day. Virtual You can work as matchmaking contractually. You can also work as a virtual dating assistant, and the future of this job is getting high demand exponentially every year. The charge can be mentioned for every hour or each matchmaking. You can earn huge money by doing this. Most importantly, for this, you don’t need any certificate, degree, or particular skill. You just have to work as a mediator between two people according to their sense, humor, and personality. 

So!!! Why are you waiting ?? start your new journey as a virtual dating assistant and help people to create to find their love? 

Creative Messaging 

Uniquely writing a beautiful message is getting popular nowadays, and yes, it’s true one can earn money by writing a creative message in Fiverr. It is the best choice to promote business, website, and brand. People also hire for sending a beautiful message towards their friend, loved ones on any occasion such as birthday, greetings, anniversary. Clients also have some demand for customizing messages according to their needs. 

You can have a request for writing a professional email for business or office purposes. The charge you may ask a certain amount of money for a certain number of words.  

Sell Your Photography

Are you an artist or photographer ?? and also want to sell your creative work online? If you are creative, you can earn extra cash online by selling your talented work. There is a vast marketplace that needs various kinds of new skill levels. Photography, art, painting, graphic designing are highly demandable in every sector, from home decorators to large corporate offices.

Client needs photography or paintings in varieties categories such as: 

  • Food photography ( for restaurant basically ) 
  • Nature paintings ( for home decoration or travel agency ) 
  • People with different attitudes and styles depend upon every country or culture. 
  • Cities, traveling, or many other reasons. 

Photography is a highly demandable area, and you have to be fully independent to change your paintings depending on the level, materials, working hours, and so many factors. You have 100% control to set up your terms and conditions. 

Become a Private Tutor:  

Online teaching is becoming very crucial and highly demanded during this pandemic of COVID-19. Now online teaching is a very profitable job. You can teach any kind of skill or subject. You can tutor people online or in-person. What you charge can depend on your experience, expertise, and what’s in demand. Just create your gig according to your expertise. It is not only about any academic subject such as physics, biology, mathematics, digital marketing, programming language, or anything you can also teach any kind of skill such as piano, ukulele, guitar, anything just as per your wish. Startup time and charges depend upon you according to your level of specialty. You can upload your teaching materials on a course basis, or you can be a private tutor as well. 

To find out your comfort zone and be in a hurry. 

So these are the nine weird online jobs so far discussed, but there are many others? It is high time you have to think about your career in a new dimension and a new angle. The Internet has already taken over a large part of our life. Now the Internet is just not a medium for searching and building networks; it is also a platform of earning money without any geographical boundaries. 

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