Different Types of Web Hosting Plan.

Different Types of Web Hosting Plan.

If you want to have a website, then you must need web hosting. So what is web hosting? It’s like a memory card / hard disk where your website is stored. But this memory card has an extraordinary power that allows people from anywhere in the world to access the website. People with Internet connection can visit the website.

According to Wikipedia 

A web hosting provider is a kind of Internet hosting service, which enables people and organizations to create their website accessible to the WWW (World Wide Web) through an Internet connection. 

There are tons of company that provides Web hosting service. Those services vary into 5 sections:

  1. Free web hosting, 
  2. Shared Web Hosting 
  3. Dedicated Hosting
  4. Cloud Hosting 
  5. VPS (virtual private server) hosting.

Shared web hosting

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One of the most widely used forms of web hosting is the shared web hosting. In this type of hosting, the host uses one server to host a number of sites. The advantage of this type of hosting is that it is economical and provides instant service. Due to this, it is used by many small businesses and individuals for their personal blogs and web hosting purposes. 

A Shared web hosting provider has several advantages. It is easy to manage since there is only a single web server where all websites are located. Since clients do not need to know or manage the technical details, they can save money and time. Moreover, users can easily adjust the bandwidth and software used for their site. Although there are some disadvantages too, such as the increased cost due to the use of resources, it is still a good option for business sites. 

Now Shared WordPress Hosting become popular with the rise of wordpress. And The king of this hosting market is Siteground. You can check there awesome plans here.

Virtual Private Server

A website host can provide an unlimited number of email accounts for it’s users. This type of web hosting is called the virtual private server (VPS). In VPS, the account owner can have separate physical server computers and they do not share with other cl the account owner can increase the hard drive space, software, and bandwidth for his own use. 

Dedicated Web Hosting Plan

A Dedicated web hosting plan involves using up more bandwidth and hard drive space than the shared plan. It also includes the features of virtual private servers. This plan requires an account holder to own and manage the servers. If you cannot afford to purchase the hardware needed, you may still opt for the managed version. This plan offers the features of web hosting, including unlimited email accounts, database, application service, and content management system.

There are also some companies that offer cheaper plans for businesses and individuals. renewal is another type of web hosting plans. This plan allows hosts to renew the licenses every year. Most of the hosting providers allow the users to renew the licenses online through the website interface or through toll-free numbers. Some hosts also allow users to renew the licenses by calling the customer service numbers provided by the provider. 

Reseller web hosting plans

Reseller web hosting plans are usually sponsored by web hosting companies or Internet providers. The reseller accounts are given to third-party companies or individuals who will rent the servers on behalf of the web host. There are some who prefer to create several accounts for resellers to manage. In this way, the web host can monitor the systems of the resellers and ensure that all servers are in good working condition. 

Managed dedicated and shared hosting plans are the most popular among all the web hosting plans. They allow users to create their own websites and manage them. They have many advantages over the other types of plans. The user has more control over his/her website 

Cost of web Hosting

The cost of such hosting varies according to the plan chosen. Some hosting providers offer a free account, while some others require a payment. You can choose a plan that offers free domain names, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited number of e-mail accounts, one-click checkout option, Regular backup, CDN, etc. If you decide to use office space for your company, you have to make sure that the fee structure of the office space is compatible with your web hosting plan. Some office space providers charge exorbitant rates for monthly or annual rentals.

You can check out the list of domain names hosted by the web hosting provider to determine which ones are suitable for your website. The names that are available in the list should be easy to remember and provide maximum exposure to potential customers. You have to select a domain name that is few years old if it has a .com extension. A.com domain name is always in high demand because of its advantage in search engine rankings. Choose a domain name that has some specific keywords to help increase your ranking in search engine results.

Hosting Service Support

Another factor that you need to consider before you sign up with a web hosting provider is the availability of different types of technical support at the time of problem occurrence. Facing technical and non-technical issues is a common circumstance in the web world. And for this excellent customer service is essential. Different providers’ common technical support options include round-the-clock technical support, email support, chat support, and telephone support. Siteground is renowned for its customer service. They offer real-time service over chat and phone calls. We have an article on siteground. You can read it: Before You Buy Siteground hosting

On the other hand, Round-the-clock technical support is an ideal option for companies operating in different areas around the world. This option is very beneficial because of its ability to provide immediate assistance to customers. It is also advantageous because of its ability to reduce the expenses associated with hosting web maintenance. 

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