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Best WordPress Dropship Plugin That Will Tenfold Your Sale

Best WordPress Dropship Plugin That Will Tenfold Your Sale

By the end of the post, you will have 6 powerful plugins to skyrocket your dropship store’s sale. The Dropshipping business model becomes popular among the marketing people throughout the world. Shopify dropshipping is expensive so smart people choose the Alidropship plugin to do this business. But for marketing and sales boost, we need to add some functionalities. And in WordPress, we need to add plugins to add features. In this post, we are going to talk about marketing plugins that can boost your revenue and help you gain huge sales. These top 6 plugins will Save your time and money. So what are the plugins we are going to talk about?

Each of these smart plugins alone can increase your sales in no time. And if you put all of these plugin work together, they can skyrocket your sales. Altogether they price 208 dollars, but if you buy them in a bundle you can get them for just $145.

In business culture, it says that time is money. The main target of a business is to reach customers within the shortest possible time and turn them from visitors to customers. Countdown plugin is an amazing feature for WordPress which is one of the most effective plugins in Alidropship among the other five plugins so far. By setting the Alidropship countdown plugin on your WordPress website, you can add a sense of urgency into the buyer’s mind. How we use this plugin? We use this plugin mainly in the time of special events, limited-time promotion offers of any certain product. Event/discount countdown timer plugging adds a sense of the rush of time (FOMO- Fear of missing out) that encourages your audience to take action that results in increased sales. Seeing the running out becomes a factor to change their decision and purchase the product. The Countdown Timer helps you create a catchy visual for special price offers that are only valid for a limited period of time. It compels customers to buy due to an elevated sense of urgency.


In dropshipping industries countdown, add-on plugging plays a vital role to grab customer’s attention and that leads to increased sales and revenue. AliDropship and AliDropship woo both are compatible with the countdown timer add-on plugging. This can be placed on the WordPress homepage, specific product pages, or category pages. You can use this as long as you want because of its lifelong license key. So, all in all, it would be a wise decision to set a countdown timer on your website or WordPress with a lucrative way so that this add-on can increase your sales and boost your business.

Facebook Business

Facebook is one of the most gigantic social network sites among the marketer. Probably without any hesitation, we all know how many potential customers there are. Now in the era of 2020,
Facebook will become an indispensable platform for all digital marketers. The Facebook business has become challenging amongst the marketer that how effectively and user-friendly
marketing strategy followed by them and targeting to reach a huge audience. A proper WordPress Facebook business plugin can get more traffic. One of the most prominent dropshipping industries AliDropship has proudly launched Facebook business add-on that is hundreds times more hassle-free to create profitable Facebook ads and track the result of your advertising across the device. AliDropship facebook business plugin is very easy to install. Within a few clicks, you can get out of Facebook dynamic ads. Marketers get huge relief by using this AliDropship plugin. This plugin saves enormous time from creating manual business ads, it helps to synchronize the store with all the Facebook product catalog. Facebook business plugins help to get more profit by embedding Facebook dynamic ads, creating and adding your store with Instagram, and Facebook with giving your lifelong license and update

Facebook plugins also integrate Facebook with WordPress and that’s an amazing feature. It has lots of customized settings that you could display posts and restrict content. It is designed such
an easier way that you can add widgets with your WordPress website and it’s a just matter of seconds. AliDropship on Facebook plugging can give you lots of benefits for both your Facebook and WordPress website by saving your time, improving your interaction from both ends with your business and customers, and helping you to get more recognition of your brand and engage
with profitable social networking.

Social Rabbit

AliDropship social rabbit plugin nowadays is a very favorite add-on for a digital marketer who has to manage his e-commerce business site. Lots of eCommerce business marketers know
the struggle to manage their social media in the best possible way. It takes all of your efforts and huge time to maintain the social media site. To make hassle-free maintenance it is highly recommended to add the AliDropship social rabbit into your word press for fruitful results. This social rabbit plugin is so good looking and updated that it helps to keep your business alive and well maintained. Most of the dropship store owners and entrepreneurs simply don’t care much for social media maintenance as their priority. That’s Why Alidropship social rabbit is here to give extra care to your WordPress. You may have lots of vision about the architecture of your dropship or online store but you have that much energy and time to invest as you are an owner you have to tackle and look after lots of side of your business, Social rabbit add-on will help you to fulfill that vision without wasting hours after hours. You just need to select the necessary settings once after that you just simply give your tension to the social rabbit. This add-on will do nonstop activities of managing multiple social media and placing high-quality posts in every social media account. AliDropship social rabbit plugin mainly covers four global social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Based on your setting selection, a social rabbit will automatically perform various types of actions to the social network. This plugin automatically posts the products and services with the item’s image, price, link, title, and offer. Make entertaining posts by using hashtags, templates, and images from your previous database by combining attractive and informative posts. It helps you to repost the blog and article also sharing the content by other users. All in all AliDropship Social add-on boosts your social media activity and reaches your product to the target customer



Enjoy the uncountable blessing of social rabbit and hassle-free promotion on your WordPress on 24/7. That generates quality traffic to your dropship store from social networks and gets
instant profit by increasing sales. Improve the index of your website by search engine and enjoy the lifetime support.

Upsell plugin

Now people spend money per visit to online shopping. The upsell plugin adds products to the cart directly on a single product page. Alidropship upsell plugin helps to convince buyers to
make a big purchase on the product page and helps you from losing huge amounts of money. While your WordPress or website uses the Upsell plugin checkbox then the product is added to
the cart directly with the main product. Upsell convinces customers to buy more products or more expensive sizes. There are mainly two locations where you can add this upsell plugin, one is in your WordPress product store page that drags the customer’s attention to the attractive product into the checkbox. Another one is in the WooCommerce page with such an amazing feature to your store with cross-sells and product add ons.

AliDropship upsell is embedded with lots of features such as post-purchase with special onetime offers to the customer, it’s hassle-free from both ends, just a single click of a customer’s order the existing offer product without the need to enter the card. Gives the customers upsell down-sell that amplifies upsell strategy. This drives your business revenue growth by almost 10%-15% than before the plugin.

Recent Sales Popup

Statistically, it is said that almost 95% of website visitors leave the website without taking any actions or buying any product. 95% it’s a huge bouncing rate. It happens because of a lack of trust, engagement, and social proof, and so on. Recent Sales Pop-Up add-on is another amazing plugging from AliDropship designed to encourage visitors to purchase products other people bought in your web store and keep them engaged that helps you to increase the trust factor towards your website and make look busy and drive robust conversion to your store. The purpose of this plugin is to acknowledge the visitors of recently bought items as well as aware them about the brand that many other customers satisfyingly buy their item. That drives a customer from visitor to buyer by making them confident for their first purchase. Any drop-ship business or online business can use this plugin no matter how large the business size is. New business owners will get more extra benefits by using these recent sales pop-ups. It works incredibly for new stores that haven’t had any sales or order yet. This add-on creates a fake notification to promote any item. Recent sales popup is very lightweight and uses very few resources of your website as possible. You will get some awesome benefits by embedding recent sales popup with your WordPress such as flood your sales and make a maximum profit because recent sales pop up will build the finest trust factor to your customer. Trigger the sales by displaying recent orders that help a client to make a decision since they are just visitors and can easily turn into a customer by taking proper action. FOMO(fear of missing out ) is a very favorite word to the marketer. Recent sales have a great purpose to drive FOMO to the sales and visitors buy the product before missing out.

The installation is also very easy and handy. It has various customization tools that one can easily set up according to their needs. Alidropship’s recent sales popup can support both WordPress and WooCommerce. Install once and enjoy lifetime support and updates.

Google Merchant

Google Merchant plugin is a great tool to help when it comes to the question of promoting on Google Shopping. In just a single click this add-on will automatically generate your product to the google merchant center. This can display the item in the Google shopping platform. Dropship business newcomer people found lots of trouble to process and it’s quite complex and time killing. 

Google Merchant add-on is specifically created to help you set up appealing Google Shopping ads in a couple of clicks. Because this tool is new, very few people use this Google merchant plugin so this is a less competitive field for the business owner at a very low cost. It helps to get your customer notified and drive them into the income so that you boost your
sales and grow revenue and also save your time. Install Alidropship Google merchant once and enjoy lifelong support and update. 

So you already know every inch of pros and cons about the mentioned six plugins in alidropship. Alidropship has all the features to manage your store through just one time payment. Alidropship provides free update and support and automates all the process. So why are you waiting for and how long you just take all the fuss to maintain your website? Just plugin and find your necessary tools or items then import it directly in just one click.Just not only that after the installation you can access 50.000 plus bulk database of top performing aliexpress products with a variety of items or categories. In addition, the first 50 items are completely free.

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