Before You Buy Siteground hosting

Before You Buy Siteground hosting

Powering over 2,000,000 (2 million) domains worldwide, SiteGround earned the trust and established its brand name in the web hosting industry. They are officially recommended by WordPress. Previous 24-month data says that SiteGround has a superb uptime of 99.99% and an ample speed of 673ms. This data nominates them as one of the top web host companies in the market. Their userbase is growing very fast. They are well-known for awe-inspiring customer service. They provide website builder, email, SSL, Cloudflare CDN, daily backup, and SSH access for completely free of charge with all of their hosting plans.

SiteGround Web Hosting Review

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Hey, this is Himel Hasan from Coderscrown, and welcome to SiteGround hosting review. In this article, I will review SiteGround web hosting and their plans. So if you have already decided that you are going to buy their hosting plan for your website, this blog will answer all your questions. 

Which SiteGround Plan is Suitable for Me?

They offer multiple types of web hosting plans. Under each plan, there are different types of pricing options available. I know as a beginner it’s confusing for you to choose the perfect hosting plan for your website. But by the end of the post, you will have a clear idea of which SiteGround hosting plan is perfect for your business or blog.

SiteGround Offers 

  • Web hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • WooCommerce hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Enterprise hosting

What is SiteGround “Web Hosting” Plan?

Web hosting plans of SiteGround are basically shared hosting where you will be provided with a limited web space cPanel, unmetered traffic, and unlimited bandwidth. They will allocate your webspace. Your cPanel’s webspace will be limited by your chosen plan. They have 10gb to 40gb plans. This plan is not bound to install WordPress cms, you can go with any cms or any technology with this one.

Suggestions: If you aren’t into WordPress CMS and you need cPanel to better manage your files then this plan is for you. You can deploy your website here doesn’t matter which technology you are using. From static HTML Websites to python-based website. If you are using WordPress CMS then you can still choose this but they have optimized hosting plans for WordPress. This plan is best for business websites, company, portfolio, etc.

What Is SiteGround WordPress Hosting?

WordPress plans of SiteGround are recommended by itself. Other giant companies like WooCommerce, Yoast SEO also recommend them. WP-CLI, SSH, WordPress Autoupdates, speed optimization, and other helpful optimization are done within the hosting. SiteGround’s WordPress hosting plans are better optimized for WordPress. The loading time (695ms) is far better than most other companies out in the market. Any kind of website hosted with WordPress CMS can go with the WordPress plan. With this plan, you will get WordPress installation for free. All of their WordPress hosting plans come with an auto-updater so that you can keep your plugins up to date. This block major security gaps in the WordPress site. With speed and security optimization, you don’t need to worry about your website’s performance. You can concentrate on your business more when they hold your back.

What Is SiteGround WooCommerce Hosting?

SiteGround’s WooCommerce hosting is actually more optimized WordPress hosting solutions. This plan focuses on WooCommerce for better management of e-commerce. Website speed is the most important factor for eCommerce business success. Usually, the WooCommerce website becomes heavy and so it takes longer time to load and it results in customer loss. Faster websites have better SEO benefits and higher conversion rates. SiteGround considered this all for us and come up with this plan which is designed to sell us more. In a nutshell, WooCommerce hosting plans are optimized with speed and security so that you can boost your sales and grow bigger.

What Is SiteGround Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is commonly seen as a better plan to shared hosting plan. Because cloud hosting has the ability to handle large amounts of traffic, its advanced security protection, and reliability. Yes, for better facilities you have to pay more. These improved extra facilities come at a cost. SiteGround’s cloud hosting plans are more expensive than their shared hosting plans. Websites that have outgrown the shared hosting solutions can move their website to the cloud hosting, to the next level. They often can’t hold this huge traffic with shared hosting plans.

If you are looking for a fast, scalable, and fully-managed web hosting solution, then you should consider SiteGround’s cloud hosting plan. They are thoroughly optimized. The cloud hosting plan will provide you full-control to handle the resources as per the traffic. In a study, it’s found that SiteGround Cloud Hosting Plans are a very popular choice among the business.

What Is the SiteGround Reseller Hosting Plan?

With the word reseller, you can easily understand the aim of this plan. Reselling hosting means selling hosting repeatedly to your customers. With SiteGround reselling plan, you can start your hosting business right away. SiteGround’s reseller plan is cheap & reliable. One of my friends is doing this business with SiteGround. You can kickstart your business with them too now. You will get a lot of premium features like the latest PHP, SSD servers, SPEED cache system, Daily backup, FREE SSL certificates, etc. They have awesome client interfaces so that you can build and manage your sites easily. You can provide white-label access to your clients. With their website managing tool, they can access their own websites. They will be able to login to a special version of the SiteGround’s site management tools. This tool won’t have SiteGround branding so you can pump up your business.

What is the SiteGround Enterprise Hosting Plan?

This plan is designed to meet your needs exactly. In other words, you will discuss with the site ground authority and create a special hosting plan for you. This begins with a conversation between SiteGround and you. You will determine and let them know the specific needs of your business. After the conversation, they will come up with a package with everything you need to run your business optimally.

SiteGround Hosting Plan Comparison

Which Hosting Plan is for Me?

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In this section, we will discuss the popular SiteGround hosting plans of WordPress. Yes, we are going to Compare among the WordPress hosting plans and look for the perfect plan for you. These plans are focused on small to medium-sized businesses. SiteGround WordPress hosting has three different types of plans: 

  1. Startup
  2. Grow Big 
  3. GoGeek

Even though these are shared WordPress hosting plans, SiteGround has crafted these plans in such a way that these plans are far better than other shared hosting compared to their competitors.

Which SiteGround WordPress Hosting Plan Is Best? Startup? Growbig? Gogeek?

SiteGround’s features amazed you and then you have decided to buy your hosting with them. At this point, many people like you find it hard to decide among these 3 different hosting plans of WordPress. They get confused with the Price & traffic limit. We, coderscrown team will assist you to choose the best SiteGround hosting plan for your website. So, let’s start with the pricing.

How Much Is SiteGround Hosting?

This is a common question among new clients. They often get puzzled about the price of the hosting. The pricing of SiteGround web hosting isn’t like other hosting providers. Right now SiteGround are offering a huge discount. 

  • SiteGround StartUp: Discount Price $3.95/month (Regular Price at $11.95/month)
  • SiteGround GrowBig: Discount Price $5.95/month (Regular Price at $19.95/month)
  • SiteGround GoGeek: Discount Price $11.95/month (regular price at $34.95/month)

SiteGround’s startup or go big plan is kind of similar plan but when we talk about the Go geek plan, that is a very high featured plan compared to the other two.

Is SiteGround Startup plan good?

With this SiteGround’s WordPress hosting plan you can deploy one Website, get 10 GB Web Space, and 10,000 web visits monthly. Obviously, this per month visit’s number isn’t strict limitations, you can have more visitors. When you cross the allotted number, they will mail you to discuss. Later you can decide whether you upgrade the plan or stay with the existing one.

If you are starting a blog or a beginner or in need of a simple portfolio website or simple business websites for online presence or you don’t know which site you’re planning, then you should get the startup plan.

Is SiteGround grow big plan good?

This package of SiteGround’s WordPress hosting allows you to deploy an unlimited Website. You will have 20 GB allocated Web Space. Here the limit of web visits is 25,000 and web visits will be counted on overall domains visit. For example, if you have three domains and they get around 5000, 4000, and 3000 visitors respectively then your total website visitors become 12000. Many people get confused and think that every website hosted there will have a 25000-web visit.Similarly, for the startup plan your per month visit’s number isn’t strict limitations, you can get more and more visitors and later upgrade to the go geek plan if necessary.

If you have a running business or blog or e-commerce, you are getting 10k+ traffics every month then you should definitely hop into the grow big plan. This plan has all the features of the Startup plan. But the difference is you will have unlimited websites hosted on your server, 20 GB webspace and 25,000 visits monthly.

Is SiteGround Go Geek plan good?

Go geek is kind of an advanced plan which is really good for a high traffic website. In this plan, you will get 40 GB Web Space and 100,000 Visits Monthly. On top of that, you will get dynamic caching, on-demand backup copies, free professional site transfer, staging + Git, add collaborators, white-label Clients, the highest tier of resources and priority support. This plan is a perfect match if you have tons of traffic flooding your website.

What are the features of Siteground?

As you already know, in coderscrown we build websites professionally for our Clients. We deliver pixel perfect website design. Plus, we have a good reputation for doing it. We are a renowned web design & development company in Bangladesh. Though we already served 23 countries of the world and about 450+ clients.

We choose the SiteGround for our client’s hosting. They have so many features but they didn’t introduce them in the plan section. So, in the following paragraphs, we will discuss those general features of SiteGround WordPress hosting that you should know.

Is SiteGround’s hosting Speed optimized?
Usually, cheap hosting plans are based on mediocre and overloaded servers. Their loading time costs us the website’s visitors. Though these plans offer “unlimited” bandwidth and storage, still your website’s speed is incredibly slow. Because those hostings aren’t speed optimized. Here, SiteGround implements a few important things to optimize speed. SiteGround’s hosting is speed optimized. They are officially recommended by for better speed optimization.

Do Siteground’s Hosting Plans Come With SSD – Solid State Drives?
SiteGround uses an SSD in their server. They even use it for shared WordPress hosting plans, incorporating solid-state drives (SSDs). Solid State Drives are faster than the mechanical hard drive. That’s why any reading or writing operations your website needs are done significantly faster.

Do Siteground’s Hosting Plans Come With Cloudflare CDN?
Cloudflare is a popular content delivery network. They make your website load faster. If you have visitors across the globe, then you should definitely use Cloudflare. SiteGround works with the Cloudflare CDN. This integration is important even if your targeted visitors come from a defined area like Canada. SiteGround offers premium CDN for $3.95 per month and up.

How Do Siteground Manage Caching For Hosting? What Is Siteground’s Custom Caching?

Caching is important for all websites. Its importance in speeding up the site is beyond description. SiteGround has built a custom caching system for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. SiteGround ‘s caching system speeds up your websites by caching dynamic content. So when a new visitor comes to the website, it doesn’t have to recreate it for him/her.

What are SiteGround’s Datacenters?

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Datacenters of SiteGround

SiteGround has 5 Datacenters to choose from.

  • Chicago
  • Amsterdam
  • Singapore
  • London
  • Iowa

Once you choose the datacenter for your site, your website will be hosted in that location so that you can have your online presence close to your main target audience. 

Do Siteground Provide Free SSL Certificates?

Nowadays SSL is a must for every website. It becomes Google rankings factor for SERP. Many hosting providers charge for SSL. Luckily for us, we don’t have to buy the SSL as SiteGround provides a free SSL certificate with all hosting plans. This certificate is from a popular SSL provider “Let’s Encrypt.” 

What Is Siteground’s Backup Plan? 

When it comes to website maintenance questions, website backup is a must thing to do for a smart website manager. SiteGround provides a free daily backup with all of its plans, even with the cheapest one. It would make data loss much less likely. Nevertheless, we recommend doing backup manually on your own. There are tons of plugins out there. You can use updraft to backup your data

What Is Siteground’s Staging Environment?

The staging environment is great for testing website changes and additions before they go live. You can make changes until you are satisfied and when you are good with the modifications you can deploy them to your actual website. SiteGround offers a staging server for WordPress and Joomla with the grow big and go geek plans.

How is SiteGround’s Customer Support?

In my last 5 years of experience, I contacted nearly most of the big companies’ customer support. By far for me, SiteGround’s customer support is the best one. They are humble, friendly, and professional. They provide three ways to get support.

  • In-house support team
  • Phone support and
  • Live chat 

They are available 24/7. They will respond immediately to you if you use any of these methods.

Who Owns Siteground Hosting?
Ivo Tzenov is the founder of the famous web hosting company SiteGround. The company was founded on March 22, 2004. Their headquarters is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. The present CEO of the SiteGround is Tenko Nikolov operating the company quite successfully. They have about 500 employees in their company.

How To Downgrade Siteground Hosting Plan?

Maybe you chose to go a big plan for your hosting plan, and after a few months you feel that you don’t need this plan, the startup plan is good for you. In this situation, you contact their support team and tell them your need. They will be more than happy to support you. You can contact them here

How To Set Up Siteground Hosting?

Set Up Your Domain > Set Up Your Website > Set Up Your Email > Set Up Your SSL Certificate > Master the SiteGround Tools 

To start initially you need to set up your domain. If you already a domain you can use the nameservers to host it here or you can Transfer your Domains to SiteGround. If you register your domain with the SiteGround you can secure your WHOIS Information. Then in the next phase, you will Install a New Website if you already have your website hosted with another hosting you can easily Transfer Your Existing Site with the SiteGround. They will transfer your website for free. 

After setting up the website, the most important thing is creating Email Accounts. You can Set Up Email on Your Phone or Computer. SSL is important that builds trust and secure the website. You can simply install a free SSL Certificate and Configure it with just One Click.  Once SSL is configured you need to enable caching. SiteGround SuperCacher is the best solution for this.

How To Cancel The Siteground Hosting Account?

Usually, people don’t need to cancel the SiteGround hosting account but if you are a stage that you no longer want to use SiteGround’s WordPress hosting or WooCommerce hosting service or any other plans, then you can directly contact their support. They provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for all shared hosting packages and cloud hosting plans, they offer 15 days money-back guarantee.

How to Cancel Siteground’s Hosting Account?

To cancel the hosting account, you need to log in to your User Area. From there you have to go to the Billing section and tap on Cancel Services. You need to select the services that you want to cancel. Then they will provide you some easy steps, simply follow them

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