9 solid reasons for website redesign in 2021

9 solid reasons for website redesign in 2021

The real reasons for website redesign, and ways to boost your profitability and revenue for your business significantly.

What is a Website redesign?

Your website is basically one of the cornerstones of your company and the heart of your digital marketing. There are numerous reasons for website redesign that need your undivided attention, commitment, and investment. Nowadays, your audience’s first impression of your company is almost entirely focused on your website. So, it’s important to acknowledge the reasons for website redesign, and building your website is not a challenge to be taken lightly. In fact, core-designing can simply involve making minor functional changes to improve the user experience.

We have decided to redesign our website while keeping the needs of users in mind. Making it easy for you to use and understand. It has a modern, lighter appearance with visual cues and features, and the end result is what you will see today. 

How to profit from redesigning a website?

In this article, we’ll help you understand the reasons for website redesign, and ways to best represent your company’s values and please your customers in 2021.

reasons for website redesign

Here are 9 solid reasons for website redesign in 2021. 

1. You need to improve User experience 

User experience (UX) is gradually becoming more important in the success of a website. It is concerned with the emotional experience a visitor has when browsing your website and how it corresponds to their intentions. A website that is difficult to navigate has long load times, or is overcomplicated can leave a negative impression on your visitors and cost you valuable leads. 

In fact, a page that takes more than three seconds to load is abandoned by 53% of mobile site visitors. 

If your website experiences bad UX practices or is slow you should consider a website redesign that focuses on creating content that appeals to your user. You should do the following to boost the user experience on your website:

  • Recognize the customer behavior. 
  • Consider the purpose of your website and customer journey
  • Use analytical app such as: Hotjar, google analytics to understand customers behavior and continually improve the UX of your website. 

2. You should target your customers 

“Not everyone is your customer” a very common saying and something to bear in mind when designing your website. One of the key reasons for website redesign is designing a website that appeals to your target audience. If you design your website and have write ups with a large audience in mind, you’ll end up speaking to no one in particular and publishing contents won’t appeal with anyone. The best websites are those that speak clearly and personally to the target audience. The contents on your website should seem like discussions you’re having with them, in which you’re acknowledging their problems, and offering solutions through your website. 

3. You need to consider better branding 

A re-designed website would increase the value of the brand. Potential customers who review your business online will look at the overall website and its quality to determine the trustworthiness of your company. 

Reasons for website design also include the idea that if your website looks cheap and outdated, or if it offers a poor user interface, it may turn people off from being your customers. A website redesign, on the other hand, will help to keep your company relevant and boost your brand awareness by making a successful first impression.

4. Your content strategy needs improvement 

The primary aim of your website content and information is to help potential customers learn more about your business, products/services, and, ultimately, close deals. 

One of the beneficial reasons for website redesign is that you can shape the display information so that all of the relevant information is easily accessible as visitors flow organically from one page to the next. Whether it’s information about your brand, your founder’s story, or simply educating them on your products and services, the primary goal of a website is to provide information that allows visitors to take the desired action (conversion). And an optimal information flow is needed to persuade viewers to accept your offerings and become paying customers.

For instance, a clean design allows the reader to more easily read the information on the page, instead of feeling overwhelmed by a cluttered design. A cluttered and unappealing web design can discourage a visitor from engaging with your material, regardless of how good the writing is because their first impression of the website is negative. Excellent website design, on the other hand, cannot compensate for bad content.

Some other reasons for website redesign, include having engaging content should be combined with a simple, mobile-friendly web design to create a site that is both visually and intellectually appealing to the user. A good SEO service should be able to collaborate with you to build a look and writing that work together to draw in visitors, keep them on your site, and convert them into paying customers.

Moreover, an organized design allows the visitor to more easily find the information they need, improving their ability to learn what they need about your company. A combination of good web design and good content is important is because this combination tends to improve how visitors to process information.

5. Your Website is Outdated 

In the midst of the pandemic, an increasing number of companies have relocated their activities online, which means the website’s goals are obviously different in 2021 than they were back in 2019.

For example, if you previously only sold in-store and relied on your website to drive foot traffic, you might now provide a “buy online” or pick-up option. If this is the case, your site’s architecture, structure, and wording should reflect this. The brand design from 2-3 years ago won’t resonate with your audience in 2021, and you should redesign your website to keep up with your competitors and satisfy your potential customers.

6. You need to improve website SEO & flexibility

A well-designed website often means improved SEO (Search Engine Optimization). People are more likely to linger after visiting your website. Visitors can scan your website and visit more pages if your site layout is optimized, which lowers your bounce rate. 

Moreover, redesigning your website would attract more backlinks, providing you with a better SEO and a stronger push for even higher Google rankings and more referral traffic.

Furthermore, people are more likely to linger after clicking on your link and visiting your updated website. Visitors can scan your website and visit more pages if your site layout is optimized, which lowers your bounce rate.

7. You need to make adjustments for leads and sales

Because of the introduction of innovative adjustments in the modern era optimization techniques and features, a website redesign would result in more leads and sales. 

The ultimate aim of every website is to convert visitors. Conversions are where it’s at, if you want to collect their email or phone number, drive them to arrange a booking, buy an item, or sign up for a subscription.

You may make conversions the primary objective of a website redesign by providing a flow of information that funnels them to buy, subscribe, or request more information. That is something that most older websites haven’t been updated on. 

8. You should improve the Website’s Buyer Journey.

Most of your customers would form their first opinion of your business based on what they see on your website. This is why your website is an essential member of your sales team. It works to create a good impression on sightseers and offer current customers the knowledge catered to their needs. That is why it is critical to tailor your website to a specific buyer journey of persona.

A well-planned user experience acknowledges the buyer’s journey and keeps them going down your sales funnel. In this sector click funnel has no competitor and they are killing it. We have experts from click funnel who will map your customers sales journey.

9. You can reduce cost & increase revenue by website redesign

Overall, the beneficial reasons for website redesign are that you can reduce coat and increase revenue by website redesign. This would boost sales by improving brand consistency, rating, and funneling visitors to a conversion event. 

But did you know it can also assist you in saving money? When you do a total overhaul, you have the ability to review your hosting and CMS (Content Management System). Whois hosting This has an excellent article that reviews the Web Hosting. Additionally, redesigning is less expensive than repairing functionality issues and progressively adding more features. It is preferable to do a complete redesign and start over rather than slapping band-aids on your current site.

Finally, a new website could run much more efficiently, taking up less space on your server and responding much faster to all of your visitors.

A well-designed website is one of the most powerful marketing resources you can use. Website redesign is not a challenge or investment to be taken lightly, but it plays a significant role in the long run for your business. And redesigning your website with the most up-to-date technology and plugins will undoubtedly increase your website’s visibility and provide a better user experience, resulting in lower bounce rates and higher leads.

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